Hilton Head Island, SC


The Island vibe

Hilton Head Island is such a beautiful place. The ocean views, the sandy beaches, the mossy oaks. And then of course there’s that relaxed island vibe. Of all of the places I’ve lived this is one that I feel proud to call home. 


Island renovation packages

When you invest in a condo on Hilton Head Island, you get your own little slice of paradise. One that can be easily offset by relying on the healthy rental market in the area. If you need to get your space in prime shape to attract vacationers, take advantage of my island renovation packages – all designed to ensure that you get the rental income you need. 

No matter which option you choose I’ll work with you to see that your unique style shines through. From the paint colors we incorporate to the flow of the space, it’s my goal to see that you and your family feel right at home. After all, this is your abode. Your paradise. 

Island Renovation packages

Fresh breeze

Anytime you buy a new piece of property I recommend making basic updates to ensure that the space feels like your own. My Fresh Breeze package accomplishes just that. With a little bit of paint and a couple of new fixtures, you’ll be ready to start hosting in no time.  

Starting at $149

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Surface Wave

If you’re working with a space that feels a bit dated, our Surface Wave package is the perfect solution for you. These renovations focus on retouching the surfaces within the home to help deliver that island vibe that we all love so much.

Starting at $249

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The Full Sweep

So, you found a condo in your dream neighborhood, but the unit itself? Well, it’s not quite your style. My Full Sweep package includes a complete overhaul of your space including an improved layout, new surfaces, and more. When we’re done, you won’t even remember that the living room used to be covered in shag.  

Starting at $349

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Need help with the construction phase?


Let me help you!

Dealing with construction and getting the right prices, the right quality and get the project done on time can be truly exhausting.

I can help you with the purchasing process, getting the quotes and implementing your Design.


Peace of mind

Let me deal with the implementation phase. 

I have over 15 years of experience with procurement and supervision of contractors and the building process. 

You will have full control of budget, choices and time plan from start to end with daily updates and my full attention.


My rates

Hourly fee $60

Hourly fee can be combined with a maximum cost so that you have full control at all times.

The hourly fee does not include any travel and lodging costs.