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Whether or not you need a total remodeling or just some adivce on wall colors, I'm here to help!

Design services

For private residential interior design projects, we will explore the interior and exterior potential of your property and discuss how to optimize the feel, functionality and flow to suit your existing or required lifestyle. Working together, we will create a truly personal space featuring innovative design that is both functional, inspirational and fully in keeping with your personal taste.

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Making homes sellable

If you need assistance preparing a property for rent or sale I can help you to find out what is most feasable. We can assess the property and look at cost effective ways to improve the property’s presentation to help you get ahead of the game and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

By planning the space and using the latest design trends, decoration, furniture and accessories, we can transform an empty shell into an aspirational home with ambiance, flow and that all important wow factor.

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Fixer Uppers

Are you thinking about buying a fixer upper in the GTA area?

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I love when my clients pay me a visit, just call ahead to make sure I am not out and about.

Christina Richardson Interiors

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